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    Two environments exist. A development environment to develop and test against, and a production environment for processing real transactions.

    Each of these environments has a separate API endpoint, and each requires a combination of api key and token to be used.

    The following endpoints need to be prefixed to the URLs in the reference documentation, depending on the environment:

    Environment EndPoint

    Hosted Payment Pages

    Our hosted payment pages provides for a simpler payment integration option, reducing development effort and risks.

    It works by recording information about the transaction through our hosted payment page web service, providing the merchant a URL to redirect the user to where they can complete the payment.

    Common Use Cases

    A merchant is able to use the hosted payment page functionality for a vareity of use cases as they require. Below are examples of common uses for this functionality.

    Redirect Payments

    Merchants accepting online payments can create a payment through our web services, and redirect the user to the hosted payment page for completion. Once the payment has been completed, the user can optionally be redirected back to the merchant site for payment confirmation.

    Email Pay

    When sending consumer invoices, merchants can use the hosted payment page web service to record the transaction information, and add the provided URL to the invoice.